Now that I’ve spent a week with the tablet I can now report on my true feelings about it. The week went quite well, I tried to work with it every day, and though some times it was just to play a game or two I managed to succeed for the most part. In a nutshell it’s impressive, responsive and a pleasure to use. As predicted the keyboard has been replaced and the Magazine UX is useless to me.

First things first, the thing I like most about the tablet interface is the multi window interface. Even though not all apps support it, there are enough that are supported to make it worthwhile. The other day I had the email client on the left, the calendar on the right while typing an email out using my bluetooth keyboard. I’ve had Evernote and my Bible app combined while taking notes in church. Apart from showing off there have been plenty of opportunity already in this one week where it has come in really handy. The system lets you swap the windows, close the app, maximise, stack and copy easily from one window to the next.

There are of course other things I like, the really nice screen, the speed, all those other good things that all the other reviews say about it. I’ve never had a different tablet so I don’t really have a benchmark to judge the battery life but I could easily get two days out of it even though I charge it every night.

I haven’t tried some of the features available, since some of them require that you have other devices that support such things. however I have tried the “Smart Stay” and “Smart Pause” features and haven’t really found them to be useful.

There’s nothing really that I don’t like about the tablet, it’s really hard to nit-pick too but I have replaced the software keyboard with SwiftKey and like I mentioned the Magazine UX doesn’t do it for me. When looking for a decent clock widget the home screen was putting a large margin around almost everything I tried. In the end I tried “Sense Analogue Clock” widget and I”m not really happy with it either but it works. I would prefer the WeatherZone clock but it’s one of those that add tonnes of space around it. I might keep looking, or try another home screen and launcher replacement.

Another home screen replacement like Apex launcher would get rid of Magazine UX too so it might kill two birds with one stone. I’ve been told and can confirm that replacing the launcher will not remove the multi window support so that is what I’m going to do.

It’s actually quite hard to find real good tablet apps that you wouldn’t use on your phone but I managed to find some good sketching apps that I might use for work but time will tell. For work the real apps that I expect to use will be Hancom office which is a freebie from Samsung and is very good. I’ve tried the infra-red controller app Peal which seems to be functional though I really need to spend time with it. Since I have a Logitech universal remote I don’t really know how much use Peal will get.

To wrap up this review I’d like to say that it’s a nice tool and I look forward to using it in earnest at work.