Rocket Player can use embedded or folder based album art.
Rocket Player can use embedded or folder based album art.

As I mentioned when I reviewed MusiXmatch I am on the hunt for a decent must player for my wife. I have to admit that I didn’t like Music match so I moved on and consulted Google for some of the better music players out there and decided that I’d give Rocket Player a shot. What I found was… read on

What does the App claim it can do?

Rocket Player's interface is all about tabs, you can even hide the ones you don't use.
Rocket Player’s interface is all about tabs, you can even hide the ones you don’t use.

The Play Store blurb claims that you can “Customize, manage and listen to your music library on Android”. There is a free version and a paid version available. The free version has the standard features like Album Art, Tag editing, playlists, Themes and ringtone functions.

Some of the features that you don’t see in some of the other players are lyric support, sleep timer, lock screens, podcast bookmarks, a 5 band graphic equalizer, dynamic play lists and widgets.

Some of the advanced features include hiding media tabs that you don’t want, Chromecast support, AVRCP support for viewing tags via Bluetooth and a video player for your video library.

For those people with an iTunes account Rocket supports iSyncr so that you can play your iTunes songs too.

The EQ will be increased to a 10 band in the premium version
The EQ will be increased to a 10 band in the premium version

If you upgrade to the Premium version you get a fair bit more including codecs to play Apple media and Windows Media formats. The graphic equalizer increases in size to a 10 band EQ. If you want to get perfectionist you can set an EQ for each song individually and including a pre-amp setting. Some of the nice to have features like crossfading and variable playback speeds are added as well.
There are quite a few more features stated on the Play Store but going through them all felt like overkill. This player has a bucket load of features.

Does the App REALLY do what it claims to do?

Yes, yes it does. To be frank it almost makes me want to lay out some cash to buy the premium version. If I didn’t already have PowerAmp I think I would definitely be using this music player. The interface is a dream, I couldn’t have imagined that it would be as easy to navigate my media as I could with Rocket. I’m quite serious about the UI, normally it would take me a couple of minutes to navigate the complex system of Genre, Album and other ways to view the library, but in Rocket that time dropped to seconds. The reason for this is that everything is in a tab, the folders, genre, artists even the available videos are all on tabs. I haven’t seen a player that does it this way and it works.

Editing Tags in Rocket Player is quite easy
Editing Tags in Rocket Player is quite easy

The graphic EQ is easy to get to and responds quite well, pity I can’t use the pre-amp in the free version but if you don’t have a phone that has two speakers and blasts you away in a quiet room full of professional people when the volume as low as it will go then you shouldn’t miss this feature. If you want the player and the feature then you’ll just have to buy it and at about $4 AUD it’s not going to break your bank.

If you want access to the sleep timer, embedded lyrics, tag editor, ringtone setting features then all you have to do is press your menu button when you’re playing a song to access these neat features.

Something that you won’t see on the play store is the support that you get. I’ll tell you something straight up. There was an update after I started the review which broke the player for me so I sent them an email, within 24 hours they team got back to me with a Thanks and we started to work out what went wrong. I upgraded it to version 3.2 and everything came back the way is should. I’m impressed by the support I got and thought that I’d mention it in the review since it’s not always about the product.

What do I like most about the App?

There are plenty of settings for Rocket Player all neatly laid out.
There are plenty of settings for Rocket Player all neatly laid out.

I like the user interface, it’s unbelievably easy to navigate, and the support. The number of features is amazing for a free player, the premium version adds a little of the niceties but really there’s probably nothing there that would make it an absolute requirement to have. In saying this you might need it if you have some of those Apple or Windows media formats that you want.

What’s not to like about it?

I can’t think of anything except it doesn’t make coffee.

What are the little niggles (What would make it perfect)?

I didn’t see any buffer settings. This might not seem like much to most people, but sometimes you might get into a song and hear a stutter or pause. It didn’t happen during my testing, but then I didn’t really use it in the car or when I had other things going. Time will tell on this one, especially if my wife starts to use it.

Why did I decide to keep/remove it?

I’m honestly very tempted to keep it. The only thing stopping me is that I’ve got the premium version of PowerAmp with its difficult to navigate menus.

Would my wife use it?

I most certainly think my wife would use it. In fact I’m recommending it to her, and to you. If you haven’t forked money out for another player then give it a go, try the free one first, but I’m sure that the money you pay out for the premium version will make the experience only better.