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I’m an average Joe, well, not really so average. I was born in 1970, have a wife and two kids. I was however born with a PC at my desk. Since the age of 13 I’ve lived with computers, written computer programs, used them for work and play. I wrote my first commercial program on a TRS-80 CoCo for my mum’s Taxi employer while in grade 9 and later on the same device a simple game while I was going through grade 10. I’m an electrical engineer by profession but a geek by nature. When mobile phones came out, I knew one day that they would become computing platforms. I am excited that the phone I have now is more powerful than the one that put me through University in 1995 by a very long country mile. This phone computer in my pocket is ….. cool.

By day I use Windows, and at night I use Ubuntu Linux. I understand my way around Windows better than the average person but I was too tight to fork out money for an operating system that was riddled with virus and malware exploits and where every application was shareware or cost an arm and a leg for bloat. I picked up Linux from magazines in 2004 and while started using it, compiling my own kernels to try to get the most out of my 386. Ever since I could install a Linux distribution which came with most of the applications I normally use on one CD without spending a dime on it I was hooked. Sure (and I might get flamed for this) Linux has been plagued in the past with dependency hell and not all hardware is supported out of the box completely. But I was and still am able to tinker and get things working nicely. The only thing left if for the PC in my Pocket to really be Linux. My ideal phone would be something like an Ubuntu Dual Sim phone. The future is just ahead, and I like where it’s going.

Being a geek I’ve also been “Tech Support” to many people in my life, my mum, my wife, my children, friends at work and in my social circles. After I looked at the play store I noticed that I’ve installed 400 apps in the two years I’ve had an Android phone. I started thinking, obviously I don’t use 400 apps, what happened to the others, why don’t I use them? Could my experiences help other people? I thought that this is might be an opportunity to spread my experiences out, if it’s helpful to my friends and relatives, maybe the wider inter-web might think so too.

If you like the posts let me know and please share them around.


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