It looks like it’s about as hard to get the Samsung Galaxy TabPro 8.4 as it is too pull hens teeth. The biggest problem is that it’s not actually sold in Australia. You can get the 12.2 or the 10.1 inch versions but for some strange reason not the 8.4. Shipment for my device comes either from the USA or Hong Kong. Let me fill you in on some of the journey so far.
Day 1: On the 9th of July I ordered the tablet from Mobicity, the website said that shipment would be fast and that meant according to the website that I’d have it in 5 working days. Since I ordered it late at night I figured that it would arrive on my doorstep the following Thursday.
Day 6: An email was sent to me on the Tuesday saying that it was still in the warehouse.
Day 8: Thursday I hadn’t received anything to tell me that it had left so I got online to have a chat to find out what was going on. That was definitely a mistake and an exercise in futility. The online chat feature links you up to what I would call bots, though they may be human their responses are mechanical and very predictable. At one point I did ring them up but didn’t get much better.
Day 9: Friday comes around and still no notification that it had been shipped so I try to ring them bypassing the frustration that the online chat would inevitably bring. The website said I could ring at 9am, and so I start ringing at 9:05 by 9:30 I start to wonder what’s going on since I’m still being told that I’m ringing after hours. I decide at this point that I should try the online chat to find out what’s going on. They actually gave me useful information… Office hours have changed but the website hasn’t. I wait for 10 o’clock and ring again. They tell me that there’s been some “shipping problems” and it might take another three days to sort out.
At this point I look at eBay and find a cheaper one that I could have in 5 calendar days. I cancel my order with Mobicity and order from eBay. I confirm a number of details and they tell me that if there are no delays they would ship the device to me on Monday.
Day 12: I patiently wait for Monday and drop an email mid afternoon to ask if there were delays. The response comes back that there was some regional issues and they are getting a new shipment in 1 week. Play store wasn’t installed it seems which only means one thing to me…
They are getting their supplies from Hong Kong. Here is the ironic thing, at the same time I ordered the tablet from Mobicity I ordered a cover and keyboard for it from a store in Singapore… It arrived yesterday (day 14) and it wasn’t suppose to get here for another 6 days at least.

I’ve looked on line for this device I’m starting to get concerned. The supplier that I bought from eBay has increased the price to about $1,000 and I’ve seen other sellers raise the price to $6,500. This makes me start to think that I might have ordered a unicorn :-/