All-In-One Toolbox - Front Page
All-In-One Toolbox shows you general system information like Memory and CPU Usage.

I used to use Android Assistant to keep my Android lean and mean. A tool to clear all the caches, to find all the apps in one spot to move to the SDCard to view how much memory was being used on my phone and more. Android Assistant was my go-to app to keep things in-line until I found myself looking around for Apps that could find files left after an app was reviewed. There is Clean Master, but it was starting to bug me with notifications. What I wanted was an app that could do that, and more. Enter All-In-One Toolbox.

What does the App claim it can do?

IMOBLIFE claim “All-In-One Toolbox provides comprehensive system optimizing techniques, … It embraces all factors that matter to device performance, and helps to optimize your device to run at optimum speed.“. This app has been categorized as a Productivity App in the Play Store, but I have categorized it as a System Tool and Widget app.

All-In-One Toolbox - Processes
All-In-One Toolbox process information is able to be sorted by Memory, CPU or Battery Usage

The feature list is quite comprehensive and lists about 29 features including all the plugins. Included in the list of features is

  • Cache, History, SMS/MMS Cleaner – these features clean up the space in your phone storage memory letting you install new apps
  • App Leftover Cleaner – some apps are poorly written and leave rubbish behind after you remove it
  • Memory Report, Task Killer, System information – general information and killing apps that you don’t need anymore.
  • Batch Install/Remove, Backup/Restore and App2SD – important app maintenance tools
  • Startup changes – prevent apps from starting and start favorite apps
  • File Manager – An item of Bloat, most phones come with a file manager anyway, or you use ES File Explorer.
  • Plugins – Flashlight, Permission Check and more cool and some useless things

Does the App REALLY do what it claims to do?

All-In-One Toolbox - System Cleaner
All-In-One Toolbox tools section starts off with the system cleaner

For the most part I think that this app does do exactly what it claims. The feature list is quite complete even though you might not understand what each does. The user interface is clean with graphical elements that show the system status as well as the raw figures such as memory and CPU speed. Compared with other apps it doesn’t really feel cluttered but there’s a lot of information on the front page. People with screens that are on the small side might have difficulties seeing all the information that it shows but scrolling fixes that.

The battery booster is a button which links to another app which I haven’t used and reading the information on the play store I think I’ll prefer to use Greenify to help with the battery usage for apps that I only want to run when its being interacted with.

The process table is handy and can be sorted on CPU, Battery or Memory usage. From this page you can get a good idea which apps are chewing your most precious resource (whichever that may be) and then you can choose to do something about it.

The Tools section gives you 4 options, System Cleaner, Package Manager, General and Plugins. The tools section is where you get to clean up your phone, clear up all the caches and get back more phone memory. I recently un-installed Camera 360 and All-In-One Toolbox picked up an 350Mb of left-over files which were promptly deleted.

All-In-One Toolbox - Package Manager
All-In-One Toolbox package manager lets you do good stuff with your packages
All-In-One Toolbox - Plugins
All-In-One Toolbox plugins let you extend the functionality of the Toolbox

There is a small bit of bloat but most of the features serve a unique purpose that you don’t get with the stock Android system. The task killer has a white list so that you can add your widgets and special apps. I haven’t used the backup and restore feature yet because I use another app that let’s me save the app data as well.

What do I like most about the App?

I like the plugin section, it’s novel and unique it seems to this app. The thing I like most about this app though, apart from all the things you can do with it, is the package manager and how it can find left-overs. The cleaning tools the app has isn’t as comprehensive as Clean Master but all-in-all it’s a really good all-purpose tool to keep your Android in tip-top shape.

What’s not to like about it?

The only thing I can say that I don’t like about this app is more of a niggle. I don’t like that the battery booster is a link to another app. If this is another app then it should in my opinion be a plugin and found in the plugin sections. If the author can’t put the booster in the main app then it shouldn’t be on the main screen. The booster is a free app so it doesn’t have the excuse that it’s for an in-app purchase to support the developer. Maybe the author couldn’t work out what to put in that spot and so they decided to put a button there. Like I said it’s not really something I don’t like since it’s done with style.

Apart from that there’s not much to dislike about the app.

What are the little niggles (What would make it perfect)?

I’ve got a big SD Card and I put a lot on it, and as it’s doing it’s scanning for things like cache files, or APK’s or whatever there’s nothing else I can do. It takes a while to scan my phone and card for items to clean up. It would be good to perform these scans in the background and give a notification that it’s finished with the scan and has a recommended course of action.

Why did I decide to keep/remove it?

At the moment I’m keeping it because it’s definitely better than Android Assistant and adds some of the functionality of Clean Master and has an App Locker plugin, the bonus is that it looks better too.

Would my wife use it?

My wife MIGHT use it since she’s used Android Assistant in the past to clear cache files. Every time she’s used Android Assistant though she’s asked me what she needs to do, which is OK by me because she keeps me around for longer.

After showing this post to my wife I’ve run into a problem, she thinks it’ll be easier to use than Android Assistant and wants me to install it.