Weatherzone Android App First Screen
The first screen you see in the Weatherzone Android app is the current day’s forcast. Scroll down to see the next 7 days.

Most weather apps in the store are for countries in North America or Europe. This beautiful Android app is especially for Australia. I found it while looking for a clock widget, I wasn’t even looking for it to show the weather since I reckoned that I could look out the window and tell what it was like just as good as most weathermen. Well I was wrong, just plain wrong. Not only does this app have a clock and current weather conditions it links to Weatherzone forecasts.

What does the App claim it can do?

From the store they say that ” Weatherzone, gives you access to detailed observations, 7 Day forecasts, rain radar, synaptic charts, BOM warnings and much more“. I won’t list all the features but they claim 7 day forecasts, radar, lightning, synoptic charts, rain probabilities, Sunrise and set times, Weather news, Weather Almanac and more. Essentially it pretty much claims that you have all the information to be a weatherman.

Does the App REALLY do what it claims to do?

The radar map can be zoomed in and moved around.
The radar map can be zoomed in and moved around.

The description on the Play Store is quite comprehensive. Every thing that they say they can do is there in the app without question. I don’t think there’s any surprises here. What you don’t get from the description is a sense of how clean the interface is. The interface is very pretty, all features are easily accessible and there are no system settings really. Some of the screens have options and preferences like for example the radar. The radar has layers for Rainfall, Locations, Radar and Satellite. There is one setting screen however for specifying your home town. You can let your GPS find out where you are, or set it permanently to one of your many favorites. Right now I entered my birth city, Vancouver Canada, over there it’s 5 degrees Celsius and it’s going to be cloudy. The wealth of information on this app is astounding. I’m positive that the local radio station weather person has this app.

Weatherzone Android App Observation History
When viewing the Observation History you can get information on the month too

I think I have a touch of writers block on this, there’s so much good about this app. If you want to see news articles related to the weather, it’s in the App. What about the lowest temperature for the Month of December in Perth, it’s a breeze. Talking about breeze if you want information about it you can get the wind speeds and gusts too. There are nice probability charts going out for two days for temperature and rain. Local radar for 128km or 256km is available by swiping from the left edge of your screen to the right. The Australian synoptic charts are available and the good people at Weatherzone have taken the liberty to predict the next 7 days of synoptic charts too. What about the last 24 hours or month? Do you want to know temperatures and rain figures for the day or the last hour? There’s some really nice charts and tables to be found as well.

Weatherzone Synptic Charts
You can view up to 7 days synoptic charts in Weatherzone

So far I haven’t even mentioned the widgets, the one thing that I originally wanted to find. Well you have a choice of three widgets of three different sizes. There’s a 4×2, 4×1 and a 2×1 widget. The 4×2 is the one I originally used because it’s got the clock on it. When you click on the clock you can open up the system clock, or a clock of your choice. The other two are just for weather information. On all of them you get a nice little weather icon that shows you the current conditions at your chosen location, the current temperature and the predicted min/max temperatures. If you don’t like the font of the clock you can set it to some of the fonts available in your Android system.

What do I like most about the App?

I like its pretty interface. Yes I like the information about the weather particularly when I have to ride my bicycle to work, or have that picnic in the park sorted out with friends. I like looking at the radar to see where the rain is and where it’s going. The Almanac is really interesting though I don’t use it much. Truth be told though, if I could get this information or more using an app that looks bland I think I’d definitely choose this app. I don’t really use all the information that this app gives me and I still believe that once you get beyond the next few hours it’s all guesswork anyway, but I like it.

Weatherzone Widgets
Weatherzone has three widgets, a 4×2, 4×1 and 2×1

What’s not to like about it?

This is a really hard question because there’s nothing really that stands out as being an omission. The information is comprehensive, the interface is clean and easy to use. I don’t see any bugs. I haven’t really used my GPS to find my location. The only time I have the GPS switched on is to find out where I am or where I want to be when on a trip. I have to admit at this juncture that there’s nothing I don’t like about it, everything falls into the niggles category.

What are the little niggles (What would make it perfect)?

The only thing that I have a niggle about is that when looking at the 128km radar I can zoom in but once I zoom out I reach the 128km map and that’s when it stops. It would be cool if the App could know when you want to zoom out to the 256km map. Yes, I know that this is trivial, that’s why it’s a niggle not a dislike.

One other niggle is that it doesn’t have information on tide times and heights. This might be a deal breaker for the fisherman or boatmen among us but for me it’s not really needed.

Why did I decide to keep/remove it?

I’ve kept it because it’s a really good Australian weather app.

Would my wife use it?

To quote my wife “Weatherzone is AWESOME!“. Need I say more?