G’day, I’ve been an Android fan for quite some time, I’ve used an Android phone for at least two years and love to tinker with it. I just love making this computer in my pocket do… well everything I can. I know it’s not a replacement for a PC. As I write this first blog it’s on a PC. I know however that, if the need came, I would not have any problem using my trusty Android to write reviews in the future.

You might be reading this and ask yourself “why, for the love of all that’s holy would you want to write Android App reviews when the internet is overflowing with them?“. Well, that’s a good question and one I really don’t have an answer for. It’s stupid, it’s time wasting, it’s likely never going to succeed. I’m not a journalist, I don’t have business savy, I am just an average, Linux loving, Android using geek.

What I do know is that I’ve used about 400 apps on my two phones (so far) and I know that I don’t have that many on my phone now, so what happened? Why did I stop using those other apps? What’s so good about the apps I’m using now? Could my experience help others?

There’s people I know who aren’t as adventurous as I am when looking for apps. They like to use apps that are recommended to them by friends. Well, I aim to be that friend that you can rely on to look at apps and ask the hard questions. To never be a paid advertisement. To be able to come out and tell it like it is warts and all. I guess if I get people liking my reviews enough, and I start getting lots of people reading them and enjoying them (or otherwise) I might move it on to a server where I can get paid for the reviews. At the moment I’ll write them for free. I hope to write at least one a week, more if I don’t have a lot on my plate and just feel like having a rant (or love affair). I will accept challenges to “find an app that does XXX” or even spend “10 Minutes With a Paid App” just to see what those apps are like that will cost you money.

Not all the apps I will review will be free, most of them will be ’cause “the best things in life are free”. I do have a number of apps I’ve liked do much that I’ve gone and paid for it, so, no doubt you’ll hear about those.

This will be an adventure for me, and hopefully, along the way there’ll be something worthwhile.